3 Modern Ways to Advertise a Brand New Product You’re Launching

Post by : Amy Sinden on 04.04.2023

In the run-up to the launch of a brand-new product, a lot must be done to allow this to happen smoothly. This is especially true in the more modern days that we find ourselves in. In particular, you can advertise a product in many more digital ways, some of which we will cover in the article below.

Use Mobile Billboards

One modern way to advertise your brand-new product is to look into the possibility of utilising mobile billboards. You are more than likely familiar with the concept of traditional billboards, which would be placed and plastered around a city to advertise a certain product/service or a business in general.

Mobile billboards are largely the same concept, except they move around the city. These billboards may be placed on vans, bikes, taxis, or even people! Sometimes, it may come in the form of pop-up stands somewhere for a short time, until it moves again elsewhere.

Essentially, mobile billboards allow you to advertise your new products across a few different areas and reach new areas once they’re busy. You can work with experts such as Mobile Billboards so that you can advertise your brand-new product in a few different ways. Once you have an idea of how you want your product to be advertised, you can work with billboard London experts to get the most out of your marketing campaign.

Use Social Media

You can’t talk about modern advertising methods without talking about social media’s importance. Social media, once utilised right, can be used to advertise new products and reach millions of people. There are many social media platforms out there these days, all of which have different ways you should approach them.

For example, you may decide that Facebook requires a more professional tone, whereas TikTok demands a more freeing tone of voice. It all depends on your overall branding and how your business operates. Some companies, such as Ryanair, have managed to go viral on TikTok, which has improved their reputation and even had fans in other countries clamour for them to come to their country!

If you manage to create a social media marketing strategy for your new product launch, and it’s successful, then this can happen for you too. You just have to think about how to approach these platforms, which may require some trial and error.

Use Loyalty Apps

More and more businesses have started to use apps to help bridge the gap between their customers and the business itself. Not only can these apps help you communicate the messages you want directly to your customers, but you will be able to use these apps for marketing new products.

Many apps are used as loyalty tools, and can be used to earn rewards for continued amounts of shopping with the business. You can advertise your upcoming new product on your app, and inform customers that they can get a discount on the new product if they buy other products.

Alternatively, you could use the app just to drive up hype for the new product and advertise the product. There are many different ways you can use a loyalty app for marketing, you just have to figure out how you want to approach this.

If you manage to create a social media marketing strategy for your new product launch, and it’s successful, then this can happen for you too. As an advantage add QR code in your posts to increase the engagement. 

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