The EPC D and Solar

In order to qualify for the maximum feed-in-tariff with your solar panel system, you need to achieve a D or above in you EPC certificate. Your energy performance certificate may have popped up quite a few times with your property. So, what is it? And why is it so important?

An EPC measures how efficient a property is and, in short, the more efficient the better your energy bills will be. They are compulsory for people who are thinking about selling their property, which may just seem like an extra bit of paperwork but it does make sense to get one. The grade your property receives is an excellent indication of how much it will cost to live in, and for solar it means you can be sure that you’re making the absolute most out of your system.

If you already have an EPC with a D or above then you don’t need to do anything, you can sit back and relax. On the other hand, if you don’t achieve a D or above there’s nothing to worry about – here are super simple ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Upgrade your appliances

Everything that you have right now in your house can almost indefinitely be swapped for an ‘eco’ option. And they are all worth the money and time because they will end up saving you so much annually. Eco kettles, vacuum cleaners, TVs, fridges, radios and much more are readily available for you to upgrade to.

Upgrading your boiler can also save you about £200 on your energy bills too. Every property should upgrade as time goes on, even small steps at a time are completely fine.

Insulate your house

An unnecessary amount of money is wasted each year because of heat scaping through badly insulated walls and attics. You can save up to £160 every single year just by insulated your home better – an incredibly smart investment. All you need is some good loft insulation laid down (which you can make into a DIY job if you really want) and you will start to feel the difference. Insulating cavity walls is a bit of a bigger job but is so worth it – you can save up to £180 a year on your energy bills and make an immense difference when heating your house. Did you know that uninsulated walls are responsible for 33% of heat loss in your home?

And for quirky, less known solutions, hanging thicker curtains over your windows will prevent any heat escaping.

Double glazing

While quick fixes are brilliant, the real EPC changers are the big jobs. Fitting double glazing will make a noticeable difference to your house. You’ll wonder why you didn’t get double glazing sooner, the heat will stay in your house and your EPC will really thank you for it too.

Energy saving lightbulbs

Replace your existing light bulbs with energy saving light bulbs. A simple, inexpensive solution that could easily push you up from an E to a D.

What are the benefits of this?

Not only does it mean you can get the maximum payment back on solar but you’ll be saving tonnes each year and reducing your carbon footprint. Not only that, you’ll feel the benefits just sat in your house; it’ll feel warmer and cosier.

Lifestyle changes?

To really benefit from an efficient home, lifestyle changes will also really help your bills. You can get energy monitors that help you to really track how and where your energy is being used. Also by just turning things off when you’re not using them, cutting down on using certain things, having showers instead of baths, using eco settings etc will all help a lot.