5 Tips To Boost Health And Safety In The Workplace

Post by : Amy Sinden on 23.06.2022

Keeping your employees happy and healthy is beneficial for your business in a number of ways. For example, happy employees are productive, and satisfied workers who feel supported and valued are less likely to leave the company. Moreover, happy staff members are also more collaborative and innovative, all of which leads to a better working environment and an improved output from your team. But what can you do to make sure that you are providing a healthy and safe work environment? Whether you run an office, have manufacturing workers, or do another type of business, these tips will help you boost health and safety in the workplace.

Keep Everything Clean

Any workplace is going to have a certain level of messiness, but if it becomes too much, it can be incredibly distracting and unproductive. Take the time to tidy everything up and keep it organised as much as possible. This includes everything from desks and cupboards to break areas and restrooms.

Offer Your Employees Health And Safety Training

Any employees who work in a hazardous environment should be required to get health and safety training. This will help them to understand the risks involved in the work they do and how to mitigate them. All employees should be offered this training as well. Additionally, those who are in a low-risk environment, such as an office, can still benefit from learning how to keep their workplace safe and clean. Furthermore, it’s important to continually offer training as new employees come on board and existing staff members change jobs. To find out how to provide health and safety training for your staff, check out iHASCO.

Encourage Proper Hygiene

When it comes to health and safety in the workplace, hygiene is a key factor. Whether your company is in the food or beverage industry or is in an office environment, employees should be encouraged to maintain good hygiene practices. This means washing hands, avoiding the spreading of germs, and keeping all surfaces clean, including desks and keyboards. If you run an office and have a break room, you can also encourage employees to clean up after themselves to minimise the amount of mess. This will make it easier for others to find a clean table or sink when they need to use it and will help to reduce the spread of germs.

Have an Emergency First-Aid Kit

Every work environment should have a first-aid kit readily available. This kit should include everything that’s needed for minor injuries, such as bandages, ointments, and gauze. Make sure that the first aid kit is kept stocked at all times and that all employees know where it is. The best place for it is in a central common area, such as a break room or reception area. This will make it easy for anyone to access the kit whenever they need it.

Ensure Employees Are Taking Plenty Of Breaks

When employees are working long hours, they’re more likely to make mistakes and have accidents. This is not only bad for employee health and wellness, but it can also have a detrimental impact on your business, as a high turnover rate can lead to a shortage in staff. Make sure that your employees are taking breaks as needed during the day.

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