Feed-In Tariffs

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Boffin’s guide to the tariffs

Links to the full details and documents for all the background to the Feed-In Tariffs

Firstly, have you read the rest of this website? If not go away and do that first – this is the most comprehensive analysis anywhere of the UK’s Feed-In Tariffs scheme.

Reviews to the legislation

First Review of the Tariffs 2011/12

Administration of the Feed-In Tariffs

Much of the regulation is undertaken by the electricity suppliers and effected by:

Here are some of the detailed guidelines for administering the Tariffs.

and here is a link to Ofgem’s quarterly newsletter on the FITs.

Tax and Treasury issues

Background to the legislation

Here are the originals of the primary documents which have led to the introduction of the Feed-In Tariffs

The Energy Act 2008

The industry blueprint for the Feed-In Tariffs and Renewable Heat Incentive

The initial consultation and related documents:

The adopted design of the FITs following the consultation:

The Statutory Instruments putting these arrangements into action

But much of the implementing regulation is in the modifications to the licences for electricity suppliers under ‘Administration’ below.

The Coalition Government’s programme

The government appointed in May 2010 was expected to continue to show strong support.

Their Coalition Programme makes specific references to the tariffs and related issues on pages 16 and 17.

Public Spending Review 2010

This made reference to the tariffs, though much has since changed.

Our input to the regulatory process

FITs and the RO