Feed-In Tariffs

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Tariff band definitions

Some solar PV tariffs depend on how the system is configured or used. These are the definitions that apply

Solar system configuration

Where a system type is used to specify a tariff band, the following defeinitions apply:

  • “Retrofit” means installed on a building which is already occupied
  • “New Build” means where installed on a new building before first occupation
  • “Stand-alone” means not attached to a building and not wired to provide electricity to an occupied building
  • If no type is specified, the tariffs apply to any installations that are not “Stand-alone”

‘Higher, lower and medium’ rates

Where these rates are shown, the ‘higher rate’ prevails if neither of the following two conditions apply:

Energy efficiency

The ‘lower rate’ is payable where:

Multiple ownership

The ‘medium rate’ is payable where:

The medium rate is 90% of the higher rate (rounded to two decimal places)


This tariff is available only for 30,000 micro-CHP installations, subject to a review when 12,000 units have been installed.

Systems originally registered under the Renewables Obligation

Those systems that transferred to the FITs at the start of the scheme, having been originally registered under the RO receive a fixed rate whatever the technology and size.